Gloomhaven Review (no spoilers)

For anyone looking for a dungeon crawling adventure, look no further than the world of  Gloomhaven by Isaac Childres. Published by Cephalofair, this is a game of epic proportions, set in a world which is affected by choices your party makes. A narrative is effected through missions and cards to help or thwart various denizens… Continue reading Gloomhaven Review (no spoilers)


Cavern Tavern – Game Review

For decades we have followed the fortunes of intrepid adventurers in roleplay games and boardgames such as Talisman and Descent as they have undertaken perilous journeys, encountered a multitude of creatures and explored dungeons, sewers, castles and forgotten temples where many would fear to tread. Dungeon Lords enabled us to create dungeons complete with traps… Continue reading Cavern Tavern – Game Review


Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space – Game Review

It's dark, and as one of the few remaining human crew members, you try to make your way to one of the escape pods of the damaged spaceship SELVA. You creep around, sector, by sector, trying to keep your location a secret from the malevolent flesh-eating aliens lurking aboard. Klunk! ... you've disturbed some debris… Continue reading Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space – Game Review


UKGamesExpo 2016 – Saturday

Saturday dawned, and it was time for day two of the expo. Vicky and I had arranged to go for breakfast at 8.30 am, under the misapprehension that some of the late night gamers would not be up early. It turns out that we vastly underestimated the sheer volume of residents already waiting for breakfast.… Continue reading UKGamesExpo 2016 – Saturday

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UKGamesExpo 2016 – Friday

Hosted at the Birmingham NEC, the UKGames Expo is the largest tabletop gaming convention in the UK. Way back in January a good friend of mine, Victoria ( asked if it would be something I'd be interested in. We share an interest in boardgaming, and so it was that on New Years day 2016 we… Continue reading UKGamesExpo 2016 – Friday