Welcome to Exploring Boardgames

What is Exploring Boardgames all about?

This is me, with the blue hair, in the middle!
At UKGE with some of my amazing and supportive helpers (Andy, Kat and Tom (L toR)), and John Robertson, gurning at the thought of a flamboyant potato!

What do we do?

We help small businesses engage their teams and customers through fun, interactive mobile board game events.

We can provide events for corporate team building, cafes , event nights at pubs, family parties, weddings, college parties.

So what do you need to do?

Just talk to us!

We come to you, so it’s completely hassle free. Whether you’re a corporate enterprise, a cafe or any other kind of venue we  provide a curated selection of games just for you based on what kind of fun you tell us you want.

Our Expert Games Explorers will be there to guide you through the game and create a positive enjoyable environment.

Why board and tabletop games?

It promotes team building and strategic thinking, and reduces social isolation.

If you’d like to increase employee engagement and encourage a communicative workplace, our games events can help.

If you’re a cafe or entertainment venue looking for something new and different, we can provide this experience for you.

What makes us special?

I have over 25 years experience of playing and teaching others to play boardgames. I have been a demonstrator for a publisher at the UKGE (the biggest Games Expo in the UK), I play test games for a publisher and as part of the PlayTest UK group before games are published and released on sale, I am a member of the Indie Games Alliance to support independent games developers and publishers.

We believe that there is a game for everybody, and promote an inclusive, welcoming environment.


We currently have over 150 games in our stock, and this is ever expanding!


Katie: 07973140686


Monthly Events

Exploring Boardgames provides a venue for anyone to come and try out a range of boardgames in a safe, and welcoming environment.

*The first time you come is free, as I believe that everyone should have the chance to come and play and find out if boardgaming is for them!*

You do not need to come in a pair or a group! We have a team of friendly helpers to get you started, and match you up with a game and some people to play with should you come on your own.

Book onto an event on our Facebook page for your free session! 


Monthly events are held at the On Broadway Studio, 861 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield . Note the studio is accessed by stairs to the first floor.


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